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Get Back…
So, for our first post looking back at past number 1’s we have chosen ‘Get Back’ by the Beatles. Not only is it a track that we love playing at Rock Candy, it also meant we could search out a clip of their infamous rooftop performance at London’s HMV, so this decision was a no brainer! Get Back took the number 1 spot on 26th April 1969 and remained there for 6 weeks.

The song began as a commentary about immigration, telling people to “Get Back” to their own countries. McCartney intended to parody the negative attitudes that were prevalent among politicians and the press, although he later thought better of it and made the lyrics more obscure. The most infamous of the unreleased Get Back versions is known as No Pakistanis and contained the line “Don’t dig no Pakistanis taking all the peoples jobs”. While mostly unfinished, the song did include a mumbled rhyming couplet which paired the words ‘Puerto Rican’ with ‘mohican’. Despite being satirical in nature it of course didn’t stop accusations of racism being levelled at McCartney for years to come.

Although the origins of the chorus in the song are unknown, John Lennon later claimed that he felt it was aimed at Yoko Ono:

I’ve always thought there was this underlying thing in Paul’s Get Back. When we were in the studio recording it, every time he sang the line “Get back to where you once belonged,” he’d look at Yoko.
John Lennon
Playboy, 1980

The Beatles performed the song 3 times during their Apple rooftop performance. The first served as a rehearsal and was immediately followed by another two versions. The third and final was interrupted by police officers, who demanded that Mal Evans turn off the group’s amplifiers. This he did, but Harrison (oh how we love George) immediately switched his back on and this prompted Evans to do the same with Lennon’s. What Rebels! So, here we go, enjoy…

The Beatles- Get Back rooftop performance

The clothes worn in the clip show how fashions were moving on around the late 60s to early 70s. We would love to tell you that we have a ‘wet look’ plastic mac resembling Ringo’s to show you but sadly not at present 🙁 Instead we have chosen a fabulous trouser suit as our pick, these became popular in the late 60s as a great alternative to the mini skirt. With wide leg trousers and a stunning long waistcoat, we think the beautiful Amy shown here wearing it would fit right at home on the rooftop with them…

This amazing 70s trouser suit is available from our collection, we will be adding it to the website today so will update the link shortly. The bag she carries is currently on our website here: Tan Vintage Bag from Rock Candy.

Have a rockin weekend!